Light play at the street carnival

I bought myself a Manfroto tripod for my birthday and took to a local carnival for some long exposures. Here are my results. Later today I shall play with stop motion.


4 Responses to “Light play at the street carnival”

  1. these are awesome…i’m especially loving 183!! great job 🙂


  2. Very cool. I’m jealous that you have a carnival in town. I really like the last 2 and the 3rd one it top row. All my attempts at light trails have been crushed as it has rained every night.

  3. camerachick Says:

    I learned a trick in these was to zoom in and out while the long expsosure was happening to get those insane lights. Big thanks to the other photo junkies shooting the carnival and swapping tips. I failed miserably at getting any stop action to happen at the carnival- I think I needed more light, i.e. a speed light.

  4. I love these. You did a great job with the motion assignment. I have been looking online every week for a carnival, but haven’t seen any around here yet. I can’t wait until the carnival comes to town.

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