My ISO cheat sheet

I am going to make flash cards ala 5th grade until this clicks. Enjoy!

  1. ISO 50: very slow film or sensor, best for still objects, requires long shutter speeds and wide apertures. Very little noise, excellent fine detail.
  2. ISO 100: slow film or sensor. Fine grain, low noise.  2x as fast as ISO 50, 1/2 as fast as ISO 200. Very fine detail. Looks good for playing with moving lights at night.
  3. ISO 200: medium slow film or sensor, requires 1/2 the light of ISO 100, requires 2x the light of ISO 400. Medium/fine grain, low noise, good amount of detail.
  4. ISO 400: medium-fast film or sensor. Good for general purpose and moving subjects. Requires 2x the light of ISO 800. Medium grain, acceptable noise. Less fine detail. Good for kids and dogs.
  5. ISO 800: Fast film or sensor. Good for stop motion and fast moving subjects. Large grain, some apparent noise. Low fine detail. I’m thinking sports.
  6. ISO 1600: Very fast film or sensor. Large coarse grain, visible noise, poor fine detail. Good for stopping things like fast moving water in place.

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