1 chair

36 shots

What you see is what you get

Disclaimer: I shot these in Manual. Why? Because I like to learn from my mistakes of which there are many. Most (can’t remember when I swapped out lenses) taken with the Nikon 50mm 1:1.4 D


7 Responses to “36 WYSIWYG”

  1. lonislens Says:

    I am impressed that you used manual…and I love the chair!
    I admit, I left mine on auto…but I’m going to venture into the manual world for the next assignment, so be prepared for a lot of “out-takes!”

  2. pixy0stix Says:

    Manual focus or manual settings? I don’t think I’ve used my manual settings for over a year now. Mistakes are fun! 🙂

    I love where you used the chair to frame (oh no! blanking on her name!). I also like that you played around with the lighting. What happened on the picture that’s completely blue?

    I wish you would have tried other angles and/or a reference shot of the full chair.

    • camerachick Says:

      Straight up manual settings. Hence the repeat shots trying to make sense of my ISO and aperture to get the right exposure. I felt like an idiot doing it!

    • camerachick Says:

      Oh I was also testing out the on camera filters for Sepia and Cyanotype on the weird colored ones. Figuring out where all those odd things are and what they do.

  3. I really love the one where you can see Bellona through the chair and the last pic. I shot in manual as well and it does add another dimension when there is no editing and no additional photos.

  4. Great job with using the manual settings. My favorite is photo 50 (the back of the chair). There’s something about the straight lines that I just love.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    My personal fave is this one: https://camerachick.wordpress.com/2009/07/26/36-wysiwyg/dsc_0066-2/

    I’m just drawn to it. (Not really helpful I know :))

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